5 Best Social Share Locker Plugins Lists in wordpress

Free Best Social Share Locker Plugins Wordpress Plugins 5 Best Social Share Locker Plugins Lists in wordpress

Free Best Social Share Locker Plugins WordPress Plugins 2016 – 2017

5 Best Social Share Locker Plugins Lists in wordpress

5 lists of Social Share Locker Plugins 2016

1.  Social Locker for WordPress

Social Lockers are a WP plugin that locks your most valuable site content behind the set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. It helps to improve social performance of your website, get more likes/shares, build quality followers and attract more traffic from social networks.

1. Drive Social Traffic:

2. Build Quality Fans & Followers:

3. Improve SEO Ranking

2. Super Social Content Locker

Super Social Content Locker is all in one social locker plugin with most popular features. It could be your next social locker with most amazing features, let’s think if you can lock your content with different options, Some content locked by follow or share us on social media and some are forced to watch your advertisement video and some are want to fill out the form and some or just play a game by voting. How its Sound? Awesome!!!

1-Follow us to unlock Content
2-Share us to unlock Content
3-Rate us to unlock content
4-Vote X times to unlock content
5-Fill out the form to unlock content
6-Play an advertisement video to unlock content
7-Become an member to unlock content

Sample Screenshot

Video Watch – How it Work


3. Easy Social Locker

Features that Easy Social Locker gives you

  • Easy to use and install
  • Choose between like, share or like or share lock snippets.
  • Supporting Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Hiding like counter for all available networks (unique locker function not available in other lockers).
  • Ability to generate unique URL addresses for like/share (unique locker function not available in other lockers).
  • Automatic lock post, page or custom post types.
  • Locks any type of content until the user shares it! Images, Videos, Flash, HTML, Forms, etc.
  • Easy to use toolbar plugin to select specific content in editor.
  • Content is fully hidden until social share/like is completed.
  • SEO friendly. Allows you to show content for search bots.
  • Random site page or post like/share to unlock content.
  • Single like or share to unlock all content of site.
  • Ability to share custom message, text or address.
  • You can use only buttons you need.
  • Automatic blog category lock – you are able to lock all post from specific category just with a few clicks (unique locker function not available in other lockers).
  • Messages customization.
  • Shortcode available to lock content (even if you are using different page builders)
  • Remembers users who already unlocked your content (via cookies).
  • W3 Total Cache compatible (demo site is runnig with W3 Total Cache).
  • 5 awesome predefined locker styles.
  • Ready made function for template and plugin developers to lock content or post.
  • Usage statistics to track social activity.

Easy Social Locker is easy to use social locker which allows you to automatically lock any page, post, custom post type or selected content. Your content is hidden and only way to reveal it is to like or share your page. This functions gives you more likes, shares, in’s, tweets or +1’s.


4. Share Locker

Share Locker is a WordPress plugin that lets you hide a content on a page or a post. If a visitor wants to unlock the content, she needs to click on a social button like Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter, Google+ and VK.com. This feature is very useful to make your page and web site more social and viral and to gain a lot of authority and trust for the search engine positioning.

Key Features

  • Simple to install and to use
  • Step by step instructions
  • Supports Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter Share, Google+, VK.com (for now)
  • You can use only the buttons you need
  • now with vk.com share support
  • Share Locker works with posts and pages and anywhere you can put a shortcode
  • Shows Facebook, Twitter buttons in your language
  • Works fine without configuration, but fully configurable if you need.
  • Lock any content type, text, html, images, videos, flash, ebooks, files until the visitor decides to share or like your page.
  • You can put multiple lockers even on the same page
  • Adds a button in visual editor to easily insert locker
  • Text and url to share or like is customizable for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • The box that locks the content can be selected from the templates available or can be customizate to fit the design of your web page
  • Share Locker refresh the page automatically after the visitors has shared or liked
  • The visitor that has already shared doesn’t need to repeat the task (cookie feature)
  • Lightweight! Uses asyncronous Javascript to load Facebook, Twitter and Google+ API
  • Uses only one record for configuration in wordpress database
  • Provides .pot file for full localization
  • No conflict with other social plugins
  • Support provided

5. Social Content Locker for WordPress

Social Content Locker for WordPress gives you instant access to over 2 BILLION social media users allowing them to share your content to unlock it. Combine Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create a social media traffic generating powerhouse of your WordPress site. More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$


  • Locks any type of content until the user shares it! Images, Videos, Flash, HTML, etc.
  • No way to view content until social action is completed!
  • Supports 4 of the largest social media sites and 6 social buttons!
  • PostLocker support allows you to lock all or some of your content on the fly using post / page / custom post type IDs!
  • Optional close button allows users to bypass social requirements if you want to allow it.
  • Powerful tinyMCE toolbar plugin / wizard makes locker creation a breeze!
  • Fully customize each locker on the fly or use the quick insert feature to generate lockers instantly!
  • Now includes support for nested shortcodes! You can even lock other shortcodes inside your lockers now!
  • Cookies remember users who have alread unlocked your content!
  • Multiple lockers on the same page or post page!
  • AJAX Settings panel with global button controls.

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