Best Youtube Keyword Tools 2016

Best Youtube Keyword Tools 2016

YouTube Keyword Tools


EXPLODE your YouTube audience

Target high-traffic, low-competition niches

Start increasing organic views right away

Double your subscriber base in six months

YouTube Search Volume
VideoCents is currently the ONLY source of YouTube search volume.
See how often a keyword or keyword phrase is searched for.
All On-Page SEO
Find all on page SEO in one place. Titles, Tags and Descriptions and more
Niche Dominator
Target high-volume low-competition keywords
Perfect Tags
Generate the perfect tags for each video. Just copy & paste the keywords generated by VideoCents.
Evergreen Keywords
Target ‘evergreen’ keywords where your videos will remain ranked in search results for months and years to come.
Competition Analyzer
Want to start in YouTube or just find a different niche? Quickly determine keyword competition
Ultimate YouTube Keyword Tool
Thousands of channels are earning $100,000+ per year on YouTube, which is now the #2 search engine in the world.
You just need to know where to cast your net.
That’s because there are billions of fish browsing YouTube every day.

Easy from the start

Increase your organic reach.

Whether you’re looking to increase your YouTube ad revenue or you need to drive targeted traffic to your website for conversions, VideoCents will help you find the right keywords to stimulate natural growth to your channel.

Search Volume

Big traffic equals big payouts

See the six-month trend of monthly search volume for keywords and keyword phrases. Target high-traffic niches to maximize your viewership.

VideoCents is currently the only source of YouTube search volume.

Find your Competition

Dominate where it matters.

Ranking on the first page of YouTube is where it matters. Quickly discover who’s who in each niche.

Select between # of videos, views per day and total views on the competition tab.

Tags, Tags, and More Tags

Do tagging the easy way.

Tagging videos can be a frustrating endeavor, never quite knowing which keywords to select.

Well, no longer! VideoCents shows you top related tags and which tags other channels are using.

One Stop Shop for YouTube SEO

Rank in search results & related videos.

Measure the competition to see what’s working and what’s not. Analyze the factors that affect top video rankings.

Plot Your Strategy

Get an aerial view of the competition.

We graphically break down the metrics that matter.

Find Views, Age of Video, # of Comments and % of likes compared to dislikes.


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