Cheapest Domain and Web Hosting in India Rs.99+Rs.199/per yr like $5/per yr

Cheapest Domain and Web Hosting in India

{ Rs.99 + Rs.199 = Total Rs. 298/per year } means $5/per year only

How to work?

1) Get Register your Domain (Crazydomain)

Once you find your site’s name, the next step is to get Domain & Hosting. The domain is the name of your site (

Click Buy Rs.99 Per year new domain

2) Get Register hosting (Globehost)

Hosting puts your website on the internet.

globehost review

Click Buy Rs.199 per year Web Hosting

Check – Globehost Promo code lists – ( Rs.1000, 10% and 20% discount )

If you do not know how to make website and

you want drag and drop automatic website from crazy domain

Below visit click

Visit to Click Build Your Own Website
100+ templates, customize and go live!

Congratulations, you’re ready to launch!


8 thoughts on “Cheapest Domain and Web Hosting in India Rs.99+Rs.199/per yr like $5/per yr

  1. Hey safi..I purchase a domain in99 but when I sing up for global host there are 3 option ..
    1 new domain
    2 transfer r a domain
    3 existing domain and update my name server so please tell me
    Which option I have to choose.and please make post full how to use globhost

    1. if you purchased domain another website then you update to put your domain on existing domain from globe host! if you purchased the domain and hosting on one website globehost and it is fine!

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