Deaf Business or Deaf Job – How to work Money at home

Deaf Business or Deaf Job

How to work Money at home


Blogging is other best internet job. You can make simple blogs, post something you know better and promote your blog.
You can make a free as well as paid blog. Making a blog & posting something on your blog is simple.
earn from your blog is by putting ads of the ad networks like Google AdSense (visit explain Muslim halal or haraam for google Adsense), where you can get paid for each and every click on the ads in your blog.
We have a make one of the best for blogging and AdSense.

Freelancer Job (sign up)

Freelancing means provide your services to your clients. Most of your clients are temporary. You can leave them as & when you want. You can work on your own terms & still make lots of money.
Truly, freelancing is one of the best online jobs to earn money. All you need in this business is some skills. It can be anything.
If you know something most demanding, you will make more money. It is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. We connect over 17,387,794 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories. Through our marketplace, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.
Skills look like writing, online promotion, web design, coding, singing, advising, creating videos, photography, image editing & many.
Sites like Fiverr, Elance, Odesk etc. can give you the best platform for freelancing.Earn Money Online in India

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
There are a number of ways you can promote your affiliate products.
Best 3 affiliate marketing website in the world
  • Clickbank
  • CJ affiliate
  • Maxbounty affiliate( CPA marketing )
  • CPA affiliate Mobile Marketing Websites

Deaf Business or Deaf Job

Selling Android or Ios App

Apps are big business – Proof last year teenager Nick D’Aloisio sell the Summly news summary app to Yahoo! for an estimated £18 million.
Once you’ve had a unique idea for a useful app, or game you need to get it designed and made. says hiring an app developer to do this costs from £1,000 upwards.
The app will need to be submitted and approved by a mobile operating system such as Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone Store.Earn Money Online in India

Selling other clothing and Design

A you walk around most high school and college campuses, you’re likely to come into contact with lots of words. But it won’t be material from textbooks or term papers — those are probably in backpacks or sitting unfinished at home. Instead, they’re the simple phrases or logos — most of which are ironic or amusing — printed on the T-shirts on the backs of the students. All Muslim does not allow to draw all living things! you can draw non-living thing on clothing, photoshop, etc…
Usually, the more unique and offbeat the design is, the more desirable the T-shirt is. The growth of the Internet has made it possible for vendors to sell T-shirts all over the world. In fact, sites like and allow you to set up your own store, create your own designs and sell them yourself. If you can create your own shirt design with a clever catchphrase or come up with your own unique statement and people like it, you can start making money.How to Earn Money Online in India

Deaf Business or Deaf Job

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