Freshmonk earn selling T – shirt for earn 60% affiliate commission

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Freshmonk earns selling T – shirt for earn 60% affiliate commission


FreshMonk is changing the way customizable products are bought and sold. If a product can be customized quickly and just-in-time, it can be pre-sold with FreshMonk.

Pre-selling beats retailing

It removes the investment, the risk and the wastage that comes from producing first and selling later. With FreshMonk, you just design, set a price and profit and promote your link. FreshMonk collects individual buyer orders, produces them, ships them, handles customer service and sends you a check for the profit

How to work?

wowapp register

Start selling t-shirts with ZERO investment

Freshmonk Design Campaign Icon


T-shirt is your canvas, design with text and images

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Spread your creation and reach out to buyers

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Set the price and earn great profit on each sale


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