How to Verify Entropay virtual credit card for Paypal?

entropay to paypal part 3

How to Verify Entropay virtual credit card for Paypal?

how to verify debit card to PayPal in India?

Hey, everyone! I heard that many Indian failed to verify add the Indian debit card in PayPal! it says only credit card but many Indian people do not have credit cards!

what will they do? how to solve?

you can use virtual credit card from entropay to paypal possible!

I can teach you How to work?

you can watch this video


Step 1


entropay to paypal part 1

completed the sign up then open sign in

Step 2

Click Create Virtual Card from Entropay

entropay to paypal part 2

created the Virtual credit card

Step 3

Click Top-UP

entropay to paypal part 3

Step 4

click Fund instantly by credit card! if you want Fund by bank transfer but it is little long! I think better debit card or credit card than bank transfer

entropay to paypal part 4

Step 5

add deposit minimum $5 and add the Indian debit card and confirm

entropay to paypal part 5

Step 6

click payment methods from PayPal

entropay to paypal part 6

step 7

add credit card from your virtual credit card in Entropay. you copy your virtual credit card and paste on credit details from PayPal

entropay to paypal part 7

step 8

after 3 to 5 days you will check Entropay and click view statements

entropay to paypal part 7 1

step 9

copy code from Entropay to PayPal to confirm credit card

entropay to paypal part 8

step 10

click confirm my debit card or credit card from PayPal

entropay to paypal final

step Final

paste on PayPal code and click confirm the card



How to Verify Entropay virtual credit card for Paypal?

32 thoughts on “How to Verify Entropay virtual credit card for Paypal?

  1. help full but there is a problem for indian the intropay not accept the debit card fo axis and i also know other banks i use my axis chip based card and i have verified paypal with this card but i need VCC but intropay not collect money from my card so if you have any solution help me thanks

    1. you can ask entropay customer help! i know few indian debit cards are not work! my bank of india debit card is working! i think domestic debit card is not support! You can ask bank for need international debit card!

      1. do u have a debit card from bank of india with a chip on it???I want to know as i have a normal debit card from boi..will it work??

      2. Thanks for your reply to my comment….I will now take one international debit card from my bank…Do i have to enable international payment in it?

    1. Better entropay because low $5 minimum deposit! I always use! I do not hear about Auction Essistance before! It is new maybe! I checked it is so expensive costly

      1. Yes, very true. I was looking at their PayPal accounts and thinking if it would be good since they don’t have much rules like we do in india.

  2. I really need a paypal account , but i am not sure if entropay virtual cards will work , so adding money to entropay might be a waste ,
    Still if it worked for u i think its wort a try
    Tell me if your paypal account still works.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the information — its very helpful. I have one question: how much commission does Entropay charge for these VCCs?

    1. EntroPay Fees
      Open an EntroPay Account – Free

      Create an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card – Free
      Load an EntroPay card from a personal credit or debit card – 4.95%
      Receive money from a merchant onto an EntroPay card – 1.95%
      Transfer between EntroPay Cards – $0.20 / £0.10 / €0.15
      Foreign exchange fee on relevant purchases – 2%
      Spend using an EntroPay card – Free
      Return money to a personal credit or debit card – $ 6 / £ 3 / € 4.50
      Destroy an EntroPay Virtual Visa – Free

  4. Thanks a lot. this works . I used my visa gold debit card by my bank (not icici or other big or government banks)to use in paypal . i used entropay as described . it works.

  5. Looks like it is not working too well for me.

    Is it safe to use the PayPAl VCCs from Auction Essistance to verify my PayPal account?

  6. Hi there, I have an Entropay Virtual card, But I can not top up the card with my bank visa card. While I ask the bank of this issue, the bank told me to apply for a global card. The fact is that, if I apply for a global card, the card will take almost a month to reach to me and I need it instantly as it will be too late for my purpose. I can not go for a bank transfer,too, as my bank can not SWIFT. What should I do, please suggest me. Can I use my brother’s global card(HDFC platinum card) in this respect?

  7. Is Entropay VCC still working with PayPal? Some months ago, I was able to use it. But few months ago, when I tried adding my Entropay VCC, PayPal always said something like “this type of card is not accepted, please try with another…”
    Since I can create another entropay without first loading money, I would like to know if it’s still working or not. If it works, then I’ll load money to my entropay account, create a new card and link to paypal. Please help.


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