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SeoPressor Reviews



Use Perfect Keyword Decoration To Entice Google

Keywords in the right places at the right frequency lets Google feel at home and instantly know what your site is all about. That’s what Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, says every website marketer should concentrate on doing.

SEOPressor V5 features a dedicated keyword optimization engine that lets you know where to use appropriate keywords in your wordpress site so Google accurately identifies your site and brings you traffic.

Fine Tune Your Link Network For A Flawless Crawl

A perfect cross-linking strategy enhances the browser experience of your prospect and increases average time spent. More customer engagement means more sales. Also lowers your site’s bounce rate which leads toGoogle taking you seriously.

Do you know, the new SEOPressor V5 has an automatic smart linking tool that does relevant cross linking for you? You will never forget cross linking keywords within your content.

Sneak Into The Market With Targeted Meta Content

Meta keywords and description are the hidden signal that is intended to tell the search engine bots what your page is about. Descriptions shows up in search engine results as preview results that helps boost click throughs.

You may want to force your meta keyword for a particular post/page to be the same as your content keywords on that page. SEOPressor V5 helps you do that in an instant.

Prevent The Over-Optimization Trap & Penalization

The ranking criteria of major search engines keeps changing and from time to time, you might have to lower your keyword density. Always check and control the keyword density across your website so google takes it as a “natural” site.

With SEOPressor V5 comes peace of mind. It’s smart, constantly updated over-optimization warning tool actually keeps an eye on your SEO strategy and warns if you crossed the line.

Grab Side Door Traffic By Clever ImageOptimization

Big Idea – People who search for images can be your prospects too! Optimize images and next thing you know, you have a side door traffic stream.

SEOPressor V5 reminds you to catch easy traffic with image ALT optimization. It’s all about helping you achieve a steady stream of most profitable traffic flow with all you have got.

Safely Boost Rankings Overnight With Social SEO Analytics

These days, everyone is trying to game Google with various link building strategies. And through updates like Penguin and Panda, Big G is trying to fight them. But there is one thing called Social Engagement Signals which Google trusts eyes closed.

SEOPressor V5 conveniently adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Dublin Core microdata formats to wordpress and search engines use it to move up your rankings faster and grow yourbusiness fast.

LSI Keywords — Up The Ante & Dominate Your Niche

Long tail’s influence is ever increasing. Google has confirmed that by using more relevant, related keywords helps your page typically rank better and faster. So aside from the main focus keywords, the related keywords are the ones you should try to rank next.

SEOPressor V5 helps you connect to multiple related LSI keywords at the same time you are developing the content using an algorithm called Latent Semantic Analysis. With SEOPressor V5 you will always know what to do next.

Tell Em You’re Kind Of A Big Deal With Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are getting a lot of attention as they tend to increase the click through rate by up to 30% for your search result. This works as avirtual highlighter for your content among search results and gets your prospect to check you out.

Rich Snippets is a core part of SEOPressor V5 and it gives you power to directly add reviews, ratings, author bio, descriptions & even recipes. Go ahead and boost your click throughs & leave the competition behind.

Create Money Magnets & Attract Qualified Prospects

Write persuasive content that not only convinces the readers to take action but also gives them immediate solutions that they could use to get the results in advance. Initially it may sound so overwhelming but in the long term will help make your sales process a breeze as these money magnets will be working for you 24/7, for years to come.

The ALL NEW SEOPressor V5 combines the secret formula of over 128,000 high ranking wordpress sites into one powerful plugin. All you have got to do is create good content and you will see a ton of prospects showing up on your website …STARTING TODAY.

What do you get with SEOPressor?

1. Premium SEO plugin; proven algorithm; now powering 128,000+ sites.

2. FREE lifetime updates; no recurring charges; no more worries.

3. FREE Lifetime support by SEOPressor team of SEO Fanatics.

4. FREE “Double Your Traffic In 30 Days” Course Valued At $147.

5. A chance to be in our CEO’s SEO consultation mastermind.


SeoPressor Reviews

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